Apps for Cancer Patients

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This list is all about apps for cancer patients. A new study found that patients who tracked their symptoms with an app generally had a higher quality of life and were more likely to live longer.

Pill reminder app (3)

Medisafe, Pill Reminder and Medication Tracker (Free | Offers In-App Purchases) Never forget to take your meds and pills again with the must have pill reminder ranked #1 by pharmacists and physicians in independent tests. Download Medisafe from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

CareZone A Med List in Your Pocket (Free) CareZone makes it simpler to take care of yourself, an aging parent, and other family members that need your help. Managing medications can be a hassle. We’ll do the heavy lifting for you. Download CareZone from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

Mango Health Medicine Reminder and Manager (Free) Mango Health takes care of your daily health routine, to make it fun, easy, and rewarding. Feature highlights include: reminders to take your medicine and keep up with healthy habits, drug interactions info, a health history, and best of all – points and rewards!. Download Mango Health from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

Fatigue app (1)

Untire: Beating cancer fatigue, Reduce fatigue, regain life (Free | Offers In-App Purchases/products) Tired of being tired? Cancer Related Fatigue (CRF) impacts millions of cancer patients and cancer survivors around the globe. Untire is here to help you and your friends and family beat CRF and regain energy. Download Untire from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

Organizer app (3)

CancerAid Empowering Cancer Patients (Free) CancerAid is a free app that helps address issues cancer patients experience. It is the digital companion, travelling with a patient from the moment of diagnosis, through to treatments and into survivorship. Download CancerAid from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

Cancer.Net Mobile ASCO (Free) Get easy-to-use tools to help you plan and manage care – from diagnosis through treatment and beyond – provided by Cancer.Net, including the latest oncologist-approved cancer information. Brought to you by the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO). Download Cancer.Net Mobile from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

My Organiser Macmillan (Free) My Organiser from Macmillan is a convenient way for people with cancer to save all their important treatment information in one place. Record appointments, contacts and medication information in this easy to use planner, that also offers useful tips and cancer information. Download My Organiser from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

Support app (3)

CaringBridge (Free) CaringBridge connects you with the support of friends and family when its needed most. CaringBridge for iPhone/iPad makes it simple: create a website, visit a friend’s page, add updates or encouraging notes, and share your story. Download CaringBridge from the Apple App Store or Start a Site.

Stupid Cancer (Free) The Stupid Cancer App connects you to a network of peers who understand what you’re going through. They’ve been there, too. You have a right to know they exist and say hello. Download Stupid Cancer from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

LivingWith™: Cancer support, Get support and stay connected (Free) Presenting LivingWith™, the free app for people living with cancer and those who love them. Designed to help those living with cancer connect with their loved ones, ask for the support they need, remember important information from doctors’ visits and stay organized, all in one place. Download LivingWith™ from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

Meditation app (3)

Create To Heal ™ (Free) This app is brought to you by The Women Wings Foundation Create to Heal (TM) program. It is designed to gently take you from your head into your heart, where the healing process begins. Because stress is the number one contributor to all major diseases, including cancer, the goal of this app is to provide you with relief from stress through the use of beautiful imagery, sounds and words.

The Create to Heal (TM) guided meditations, music and art you are about to experience have been tested in several hospitals and cancer centers over a period of 5 years, with hundreds of cancer patients, survivors and their families. Download Create To Heal ™ from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

Calm Meditation and Sleep Stories (Free | Offers In-App Purchases) Calm is the #1 app for mindfulness and meditation to bring more clarity, joy and peace to your daily life. Join the millions experiencing less anxiety and better sleep with our guided meditations, Sleep Stories, breathing programs and relaxing music. Recommended by top psychologists and mental health experts to help you de-stress. Download Calm from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

Headspace: Guided Meditation, The Mindfulness Meditation App (Free | Offers In-App Purchases) Headspace is the simple way to reframe stress. Sleep trouble? Meditation creates the ideal conditions for a good night’s rest. Relax with guided meditations and mindfulness techniques that bring calm, wellness and balance to your life in just a few minutes a day. Download Headspace from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

Stress app (1)

Cancer Distress Coach, Duke Institute for Health Innovation (Free) If you or a loved one have ever been diagnosed with cancer and are experiencing distress, join us today by downloading Cancer Distress Coach. Answer a few basic questions on a regular basis, learn new and interesting facts about symptoms that you may be experiencing, and gain skills to help manage your distress.

Many survivors in the U.S. suffer from cancer-related posttraumatic stress. And while traditional office-based counseling treatments are available, we still know very little about the treatments delivered by mobile apps. To remedy this, we at Duke University have created a new ResearchKit study for survivors with cancer-related distress. Download Cancer Distress Coach from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

Breast cancer app (1)

Breast Cancer Ally, The University of Michigan (Free) Breast Cancer Ally is an information and symptom management tool specially designed for breast cancer patients at the University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center. Developed in collaboration with University of Michigan physicians and medical professionals, Breast Cancer Ally adapts to the stages of breast cancer care, delivering customized information, symptom tracking and management. Download Breast Cancer Ally from the Apple App Store.

Mole check app (2)

Miiskin – Melanoma Skin Cancer, Leading skin monitoring app (Free | Offers In-App Purchases/products) Miiskin is your personal skin monitoring app – a simple tool to assist and help you explore and monitor changes on your skin and moles.

Miiskin’s mission is to help you keep an eye on your skin and compare moles over time.

Monitoring and detecting changes in moles can be important in finding melanoma (cancer in moles) at an early stage (Malignant Melanoma is one of the most dangerous forms of skin cancer). Download Miiskin from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

SkinVision Detect Skin Cancer, Assess for melanoma and BCC (Free | Offers In-App Purchases/products) SkinVision is the first skin cancer risk app with a clinically proven online assessment. SkinVision has assessed more than 3.000.000 skin pictures and detected more than 1100 cancerous skin lesions (melanoma, BCC and SCC) so far. SkinVision is partners with leading skin cancer clinics and research universities in Australia, Germany, the Netherlands, New Zealand and the US. Download SkinVision from the Apple App Store or Google Play.